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Lot of original Greenleaf anti cockroach powder sachets

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Use biocidal products with caution.

Before use, read the label and product information.

Lot of original Greenleaf anti cockroach powder sachets

All sachets have an identical composition

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1 sachet = 5g

This powder kills cockroaches as well as eggs

This powder has high effectiveness against cockroaches and cockroaches at their different stages of development.

The product contains bitters to prevent accidental ingestion by children or pets.

These traps are effective against cockroaches and cockroaches at any time of the day and night.

Pour the 5 g bags on the hot corners on the floor: behind the fridge, freezers or other appliances under the sinks, below the radiators (if accessible) behind the furniture.

The powder can also be poured into damp and dark places.

The Green Leaf product respects the environment and uses non-toxic products but as a precaution, during the treatment period put the powder in confined places on the ground and inaccessible to your children and pets avoid any direct contact with the product (cut the bag with a pair of scissors and not with your teeth ...), Wash your hands after use.
In case of contact with your eyes, wash them thoroughly and consult a doctor.
In case of pronounced ingestion, consult a doctor.




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Produit anti cafards

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Bon, je vais être honnête avec vous - ce produit anti-cafards est tout simplement le meilleur que j'ai jamais essayé ! Dès la première utilisation, j'ai remarqué une différence. Les cafards ont disparu comme par magie. C'est vraiment un produit super efficace et de très haute qualité. Je peux dire sans hésiter que c'est PARFAIT ! Je le recommande à 100%, c'est un must-have pour quiconque a un problème de cafards. Foncez, vous ne le regretterez pas !

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