Sticky Plates, 12 pcs Rat Trap, Mouse, Quick Rat Control


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Sticky patches are a simple and effective way to get rid of rats and mice. This rat trap is easy to use, you just need to place the plates where the rodents are present and wait for them to be trapped.

Sticky plates are non-toxic and safe for children and pets. They are ideal for use in homes, garages, warehouses and gardens.

This set of 12 rat traps will allow you to quickly and effectively treat a rodent infestation. Don't let rats and mice invade your space, use the sticky plates to remove them quickly and safely.

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Effective rat and mouse trap

Get rid of unwanted rodents quickly and safely with Sticky Plates adhesive plates.
An odorless and safe solution.

Catch pests in the blink of an eye

No more rodents! Ultra-effective rat and mouse trap

Get rid of rats and mice quickly and safely with Sticky Plates, designed for quick and permanent capture.
The ultra-strong glue holds them in place without killing them.

Protect your home naturally

Eliminate rodents quickly with Sticky Plates

Our heavy-duty adhesive traps get rid of rats and mice without chemicals.
With their ultra-sticky glue, these sheets effectively trap pests.

Say goodbye to rodents

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Depuis que je l'ai utilisé, plus aucun rat n'ose s'approcher de chez moi. C'est vraiment très efficace et je ne peux que le recommander chaudement.

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Ready to use!
Simply separate the two boards and place the sticky mouse/rat traps on a mu/parburer that the mice love to pass through.
They have a foldable design and can be placed in the narrowest spaces.
Ideal for use in cellars, homes, restaurants and bars.
The mouse/rat adhesive plate is made with a highly adhesive glue with a very high viscosity.
The product contains no odors and no insecticides.
It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for humans.
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Get rid of rodents quickly

With Sticky Plates, say goodbye to rats and mice in complete safety. This ultra-powerful glue traps them without risk.

Protect your home from pests

Get rid of rodents

Trap rats and mice with these ultra-powerfulsticky plates . Made without odor, they capture pests effectively.

Eliminate the problem safely

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